SMART Laser Fundamentals for individuals seeking a career in Laser Aesthetics

Why train with Clearskin? We are the nationally recognized leader in the field of laser aesthetic education for industry professionals. Our staff has been training and certifying physicians, nurses, laser technicians, and aestheticians for almost two decades. We have the extensive knowledge, experience and passion necessary to prepare you with the skills and confidence you need to treat patients safely and effectively. The opportunities for intelligent, well trained laser technicians are endless. Seems like everyone wants a really good laser tech. Of course it starts with a great attitude followed by great training. Our training instills proper attitude, technique and confidence all while creating exceptional laser habits from the start.

We offer this online laser course for anyone, in any state wanting a profound understanding of the following; Laser Physics, Laser Safety, Histology and Physiology, Acne and Rosacea, Pigmentation Disoprders,  IPL/BBL and Laser Hair Reduction, Skin Rejuvenation, and Vascular Lesions. Please check with your state board to determine the accredibility of this course for your location.

This required course is not recognized at this time by the Bureau of Radiation Control for the state of Arizona. To meet Arizona requirements, please contact our office for onsite training.




How Does This Course Work

This course is divided in to 9 chapters that include power point presentations, lectures, interactive manual and quizzes.

A quiz will be given at the end of each chapter to help you audit your understanding of the chapter.

This course will be available for 3 months after the purchase date. Previous training’s have shown individuals that have completed our course in a short period of time proved to have a better understanding and working knowledge of the material.

Certification: Completion of this course is effective once all chapters have been completed, all quizzes have been taken and you have passed the FINAL exam with a minimum of 80% success. Upon completion you will receive a certificate of Smart Laser Fundamentals 40 Hour Didactic Online Program and Laser Safety Officer provided by Clearskin Institute of Laser Aesthetics, Inc.

Course Curriculum

  • Smart Laser Fundamentals Manual
    30 minutes
  • Chapter 1 – Laser Biophysics
    600 minutes
  • Laser Physics Quiz
    62 questions
  • Chapter 2 – Laser Safety
    540 minutes
  • Laser Safety Quiz
    15 questions
  • Chapter 3 – Histology & Physiology
    240 minutes
  • Skin Histology Quiz
    25 questions
  • Chapter 4 – Acne & Rosacea
    180 minutes
  • Chapter 5 – Pigmentation Disorders
    180 minutes
  • Chapter 6 – IPL and BBL
    60 minutes
  • IPL and HR Quiz
    26 questions
  • Chapter 7 – Laser Hair Reduction
    240 minutes
  • Chapter 8 – Skin Rejuvenation
    180 minutes
  • Skin Rejuvenation Quiz
    10 questions
  • Chapter 9 – Vascular Lesions
    180 minutes
  • Final Exam
    50 questions

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